About The Guild

Rage Of Ancients (RoA) is a long established raiding guild aligned with the horde faction of the Chamber of Aspects EU server. In September 2010 we moved from Azjol-Nerub EU where we were one of the longest running guilds with a well established membership base, which we are very proud of. On COA we raided 10-man until October 2011 when we merged with Void and got back to 25-man once more!

Our members are from all across Europe, with a strong contingent from the UK. Each year we meet up with as many people as can make it, to drink and chat about all things Warcraft and non-Warcraft related. The details of our meet ups are available in our forums, along with the pictures to embarrass people.

Whilst we take our raiding very seriously, we pride ourselves on having a warm friendly atmosphere and respectful guild, which is the reason that we ask any and all of our new members to kindly restrict the strength of their language used whilst on Vent and Guild Chat as there are at times young children listening and watching their parents. This request from our new members helps us to ensure and provide a respectful environment in which all members, young and old, can adhere to and is enforced when and where necessary by the guild’s officers.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact one of our officers in-game.


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