Rage of Ancients has been raiding end content from the the very early days of WoW. We were running raid instances before many players had even heard of Warcraft, be it with our fire resistance gear fighting Ragnaros in Molten Core, or fighting the scarabs in the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj.

As new content has been released, we have adapted and conquered.

We are proud of the fact that many of the early founders of the guild are still with us. Many of the raiders that helped kill the early level 60 end bosses are still doing the same with the new content.

Our aims as a raid team have always been the same, to conquer the current end content while it is still a challenge. We cleared all of TBC content while at level 70, we killed Sartharion + 3 drakes in Naxx gear and we killed the Lich King on 25 man well before the 30% buff.

Our focus is on 25 man content.

Our raid nights are Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday. 20:00 – 23:15 (server time).

We make heavy use of Voice Communications during raids, and as such is it a must for you to listen to instructions. Ideally you should also have a working microphone but that is not mandated.

If you are are looking to apply as a raider we are looking for you to attend the official raids, be geared for our level of content and understand our rules. We have no room for slackers. New trialists are expected to maintain at least 2 raid nights a week. We expect raiders to be available and focused for the full duration of the raid, without interruptions and AFKs


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