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Rage of Ancients is an end game raiding guild, that whilst focused on progression, builds the progression around a framework of respect, teamwork, friendship and community. Years of building the guild profile as both a serious raiding guild and as a online community where civility, friendliness and helpfulness are valued very highly. We expect all members to help maintain and improve that profile at all times, even when involved in activities outside the guild.

This document helps outlines what we expect of our members, but it is not a set of rules. Unlike rules, anything in here can be overridden by common sense. Whats more, it’s hoped that the kind of people we attract to the guild would already behave in a way we would expect, without it having to be documented.


We expect a decent level of maturity, politeness, helpfulness and respectfulness. We view the entire guild as a team and whilst your personal aims and ideals may vary from others, we strongly encourage people to always do what is best for the team.

Whilst playful banter is encouraged, we will not tolerate malicious abuse, bullying, derision or any other lack of respect. Please remember that the guild is made up of people of all kinds of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, countries and upbringing, what may be funny or socially acceptable to you, may not be to everyone.

We appreciate that not all guild members will always get on with every other guild member all the time, but we do expect disagreements are handled responsibly in an adult manner, without resorting to insults, abuse or tantrums.

We believe WoW should be played in the way Blizzard intended and therefore anything against the Blizzards terms of service is a likely to result in a guild kick. This includes account sharing, although exceptions are made where the account holder is present or where it’s a member of your household and the account isn’t actually being played (i.e. fixing mods, transferring mats etc).

As we have a number of players that often play with children able to see their screen, we operate a “Rated PG” policy on guild chat, ventrillo, the forum and in official raids. We know that people occasionally break this during moments of extreme frustration, but we expect this to be the exception rather than the norm.

We treat the guild as a community and everyone is encouraged to contribute to that community, both in-game and on the RoA forums.

It is expected that RoA is your primary guild and that you are a PVE player. Whilst there is no objection to people having alts in other guilds or playing PVP, it is expected that raiding with RoA is given priority over alts in other guilds and PVP. In short; we are the guild your main belongs to and you are here to raid PVE content.

If you wish to attempt content we still actively raid with another guild or pug that would result in your main being raid tied, you must first confirm with an officer that you are not needed for the rest of that reset. We don’t expect people to be raiding non-farm content with other guilds instead of us. We may sometimes state that after a certain day people are welcome to find pickup groups for some of the easier content.

If you are thinking of leaving RoA, please contact an officer first to discuss it. Posting applications to other guilds whilst guilded to RoA will normally result in removal from RoA.


The primary raiding focus is 25 man. Being signed as unavailable for raids, whilst raiding another character is not acceptable. Players are expected to raid as often as they can and are expected to maintain the minimum average level of attendance they agreed when applying.

Being unprepared and not giving it your all is disrespectful to the other people who have prepared properly. Therefore, for normal raiding, we expect:

  • You’d have attempted to learn as much about the fights you may encounter that raid. We expect everyone, new to the guild and/or the encounter or otherwise to have read up on recognized strategies for every encounter we are likely to try. Whilst we would normally take time to explain “the roa way” of a boss encounter, we don’t expect to be wasting time explaining boss abilities when these could easily have been read up in advance. RoA raiders will be expected to listen to instructions, either by the raid leader, or from their own boss mods. Expecting to be lead by the nose through content is not acceptable.
  • You have obtained sufficient reagents and other raiding materials to allow you to perform optimally for the full duration of the raid. As the raid leader may call for full buffs at any time, this should included enough flasks and food for the entire duration of the raid. When a buff call is made, there is no excuse not taking all available buffs.
  • During raids a break will be called, it is at this time and only this time is it acceptable to go afk, random afk’ing will be seen as poor performance and acted on as such. This will include the wipe runs, it is expect that after wipes you make your way as quickly as possible back to the instance, where you will buff, flask and take the necessary actions to become raid ready as quickly as possible (this includes buffing others if you are a buffing class).
  • You to play to optimize the raid team as a whole, not yourself. RoA raiders are a team, we are not individuals only interested in posting the best stats on the night (we’re not ruled by the Epeen), which means we use and place buffs that are effective for the team and not one’s self, if your asked to do a task then you perform that task, you do not try and raise your stats by doing something else and put the team at risk.
  • With the exception of unexpected interruptions, you will be available and present for the full duration of the planned raid. We normally have a mid raid break to ensure people don’t suddenly vanish mid raid. If you do urgently need to AFK, let an officer or the raid leader know.
  • You will follow the instructions of the raid leader(s) and offer feedback only when appropriate. What is appropriate may vary considerably between different raids and different raid leaders, but generally tactics discussions are best saved for the forums.
  • Be at the raid entrance and ready to raid before the raid start time.

If you are not able to manage all of the above on any raid, it’s very important you let an officer now as far in advance as possible. Mid raid is not the time to tell us you can’t make the entire raid.

We know that no matter how hard some people try, there will always be some people more suited to some encounters than others. We therefore normally try to always put out the team most likely to succeed for progression content. We ask people to accept and respect this. We do of course try to even this up by giving those who miss out more of a chance to get on other raids during the week. However, we do take the view that anyone given a place on the raid team is good enough to raid and should be treated as such.

We expect all members of the raid team to be available for at least 2 official raids a week (although we strongly encourage people to do as many nights as possible), however this can be averaged out over a longer period to allow for shift work etc. Obviously we make allowances for things like holidays, but long and repeated raid breaks are strongly discouraged.

Once you have indicated your attendance, we ask that if you change it, you post on the “The Team Sheet” thread on the forums, even if the team has yet to be frozen. If the team HAS been frozen, and you become unavailable DO NOT just remove the invite (as this probably won’t be noticed until raid start), make sure you post on “The Team Sheet” so a replacement can be found.

“No Showing” for a raid is not just annoying and disruptive, it’s extremely discourteous to your fellow raiders. We do know that occasionally it’s simply not possible to get a message to the officers before the raid starts, but these occasions are rare.

We expect all raiders to have the mods listed in The Big Info thread of the forums and working for every official raid.

We have a number of chat channels for specific sections of the guild. All raiders are expected to be on the appropriate channels during raids. Full details can be found in the useful info section.


It’s important to us that we find people that fit well with the guild and not just find good players, therefore trialists should be aware that it’s not just their performance in raids that is being assessed. Trialists are advised to try and interact with the guild and get as involved as possible, not just with official raids, but also in unofficial alt/social raids, heroics, crafting and general guild chat.

Trials normally last a minimum of 4 weeks or 10 raids, but can some times be considerably longer.

Non Raiding Players

Whilst we’re not actively recruiting non-raiding players (we don’t call them “socials” as we expect everyone in the guild to be sociable), we do now accept applications as long as they are vouched for by an existing member (and are normally expected to be either family or real-life friends). Non-raiding players still have to go through the same application process as raid applicants. Being a non-raider in RoA is considered a position of honour, as it affords many of the perks of a raider, without the commitment, we are therefore exceptionally cautious who we hand out non-raider status to.

Raiders wishing to give up their raid team place do not automatically have the option of remaining in the guild as a non raider until they have been on the raid team for a period of time and have a good reason for doing so (being bored of the content is NOT a valid reason), instead they will be removed from the guild.

Non-raiding players are not normally invited on official guild raids, however on rare occasions, they may be asked to participate. If they accept, they are expected to abide by the same conditions as the raiders (such as turning up on time and prepared). On a raid a non-raiding player would be given the same standing as a trialist.

Non-raiders are not governed by many of the rules raiders are, you are not required to attend raids, but are expected to treat it’s members with respect, as you are in anything that you do while wearing the guild tag. A raiding guild is not only measured by its progression.


There is no limit on the number of alts allowed in the guild. However, it is expected that raiders invest time in alts only when they feel they can no longer improve their main. Priority for raiding goes to mains before alts.

Voice Communications

The guild has used various tools for voice communications: Ventrilo, Teamspeak, and Mumble. It is essential that all members of the raid team are connected to it (preferably with a mic, but this is not essential) during raids, however it is there for the entire guild to use for anything. We do however ask that you check with an officer before you invite none guild members onto it. The details for the current voice communication option of choice can be found on the Guild Information tab in game.

The Website & Forums

The hub of the guild communications is the guild forums, unlike most guilds our forum is a community in it’s own right, and not just a place for guild membership applications. The forums are used as a way of communicating team changes, informing people of the bosses being attempted (so people can read suggested strategies in advance) and discussion of tactics. We also insist that anyone changing their availability does so on The Team Sheet thread of the forums. As the forums are key to our communications we expect all raiders to check them regularly.


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