To RoA, Social isn’t synonymous with “none raider”, we have a strong social side to the guild, but we have very few non-raiders (they are almost exclusively long serving ex-raiders or people with a close real life connection to current long serving raiders). We do not normally recruit non-raid players and those that apply need an existing real-life connection to a long term member of the raid team.

But even for the raid team, RoA pushes the community side of the guild, building a close knit guild that works well as a team isn’t something that can only be learnt in a 25 man raid. Our UK based guildies have met up for drinks on numerous occasions and we hold our annual guild meet up at the Peterborough Beer Festival. We also have a fairly active non-raid section to our forums and a Facebook group.

Guild Meet ups

The details of out annual meet up at the Peterborough Beer Festival, along with a selection of the pictures, can be found in our forums or on our Facebook group.

Our Facebook Group

You can join our Facebook group here. Please remember to let an officer know what your Real Name is when applying. This group is only accessible to RoA members are we’re no mind readers :)


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