Please read the following before applying to RoA

Firstly, thank you for considering RoA as a guild that you would like to join. As well as attracting good players, RoA is keen to make sure they recruit players that fit the guild and therefore look for people who can put together a well written, informative application.

We’re looking for team players who are in it for fun and progression. We are not looking for loot whores, drama queens, whiners, tourists, guild hoppers or the terminally selfish. We want the guild to be there for you, but we need know you’ll be there for the guild.

RoA is a guild with both raiding and non-raiding players, both need to apply before being given a trial. Raiders are expected to sign up for raids in advance and be available an average of 2 nights a week. We also expect raiders to turn up on time and be ready to raid (this doesn’t just include repairs and raid consumables, but also making sure they have the spec and equipment to best perform their role). We are aware that real life often gets in the way of raiding and this is rarely a problem, we just ask that you let is know in advance.

As RoA may not be suited to all applicants we enforce a 2 week (or 5 raids, whichever is longer) trial policy to ensure that you as a member and ourselves as a guild have the same drive and ambition to achieve progression, but due to the nature of a trial period full members will receive priority on raid drops. Although there will be times when an item will not be needed by members under which circumstances we are more than happy for you to bid/roll on the item as opposed to disenchanting.

Raid applicants should have notable raid experience. Social applicants normally need some existing connection to the guild (usually a real life friend or family of a long time raider).

Please remember that this application is your chance to sell yourself, make the most of the opportunity.

It is strongly suggested you read the Guild Rules and How to not get declined before applying.

Now you’ve read all that, click the “Guild Application Form” link above to apply.


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