Guild Application Form

You can find our application form below, please ensure that you meet the following criteria before applying.

For a raider application:

  • You are over 18
  • You can meet the raiding schedule
  • You have read and understood the rules outlined in these pages
  • You do not have an open application with another guild
  • You are applying on your main raiding character
  • Your character passes some standard sanity checks:
    fully specced, no empty gem sockets, no missing enchants, profession enchants where sensible, faction reputation for raid related enchants

For a social application:

  • You have a Real Life connection with one of our existing raiders

You will need to register on our forums for access to the form, we will not use your details for anything other than process your application. Our application process is not public, we respect that many people applying do not want the fact they are thinking about moving public.

Our online guild application for can be found here.


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