How to not get declined

This is some guidance on how to not get declined when applying to RoA as a raider.

Firstly, remember an application isn’t an exam, there are no right or wrong answers, it’s purpose is to convince the people reading the app that the guild would be a better place with you than without you.

So, start by breaking it down into the qualities the guild looks for, and try to get those across in your app. These include personality, dedication, attention to detail, knowledge, experience, honesty, loyalty, maturity, willingness to learn and effort.

You’ll notice things such as gear and dps aren’t listed, because frankly if you have the required qualities those will have followed naturally, or at least can be gained very quickly.

Looking at those in detail…


You’ll be spending a lot of time with your fellow guild members and it a game where people log on for enjoyment, having somebody around that annoys people is a recipe for disaster. Any sign of being rude, arrogant over over opinionated in your app can work against you, just as friendliness and humor can work for you. Try and get across you’re somebody people want to spent time around.

Effort, Focus & Dedication

It takes a lot of effort to keep pace with a raid team, part of what we look for in a an app is whether you have the time and focus to keep up. There are many things a none-raider can do in game to improve their character, which require the same time and effort that we expect of raiders. Not having Sons of Hodir rep (for the best shoulder enchant in the game) or not having spent time pugging 10 mans work against you, especially when we can see your time has been on less productive achievement grinds. Not having 25 man gear and experience is understandable, however not doing other easily attainable things to improve your gear isn’t, such as crafted items.

In a similar way missing obvious upgrades such as top gems and enchants shows you either don’t have the time or dedication to do this once you’re a raider. Comment like “I can’t be bothered putting purple gems this as I’ll upgrade it soon”, just make people think you’d do the same once on the raid team.

This is one of the reasons we ask about alts, people can often show they have previously put the time and effort into a character than can just be shown from what your main has done.

It also goes without saying, the effort you put into your application can be an indication of the effort you put into other things, so make it look like it took your more than 5 minutes.


Every new person on the raid requires investment, both of time and effort, and your loyalty is needed to make that investment pay off. Wow has a lot of tourists, people who will stay with a guild only until a better offer comes along, or will vanish once they feel they have “seen the content” and then come back for new content. These people are generally a bad investment, the time everyone else invests in learning to play with them, along with the gear they collect, could have been better spent on somebody who will continue to raid through thick and thin. Sadly, if you’ve guild hopped, taken long and/or frequent breaks from the game or have a chequered raid history, it can be very hard to fix in an application. The best you can probably do is explain why your history is like it is and why it’s not going to happen again in RoA.


Nobody likes somebody who is dishonest. A lot of the info in your app can be verified, either using the armory, with other online resources or by talking to your old guild mates. Sometimes a small exaggeration can look like a damning lie.


Being childish or being mature isn’t just about age. However if you are younger, you may wish to emphasize your maturity. RoA pride ourselves on attracting mature players, don’t put doubts in peoples mind that you will change that.

Knowledge & Learning

Whilst there is always help to be had in RoA, we’re not here to hold your hand every step of the way. The internet is full of information about world of warcraft and showing you read and learn from what you read shows you’re not somebody that’s going to need to be helped repeatedly and hopefully that you’re going to be somebody that quickly takes in info when attempting new encounters and acts on it. It also shows your prepared to work to be prepared, you don’t need to have seen an encounter first had, to understand how it works.

So, I hope that’s given everyone an insight into what we look for and should help people make the best impression when applying.


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